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Whether you use your own vehicle or your business consists of an entire fleet of trucks, cars and trailers to do business, liability, comprehensive, personal injury/medical and collision coverage is a must have to protect yourself, your employees and your business. Plus, if employees use their personal vehicles to make sales calls, deliveries or run errands for your business, you may be liable of any accidents or injuries they cause. Consolati Insurance is your Berkshire County source for commercial auto policies.


Massachusetts law requires businesses with employees and subcontractors to carry workers compensation insurance. Workers compensation insurance provides benefits to covered individuals for injuries and illnesses because of employment with your business. This insurance will provide payment for medical treatment, temporary and permanent disability and death benefits. Whether your employees were hurt a work and require a few stitches or an unforeseen accident occurs causing permanent harm, it is important to protect yourself and employees with a workers compensation policy while protecting your business from legal exposure.


Disability insurance provides financial stability in the event that you are temporarily or permanently disabled. By providing monthly benefits through the life of the policy, disability insurance can help pay your bills, mortgage and even buy food. Provide yourself and your employees with this invaluable benefit and protection. Consolati Insurance can help to tailor short and long term disability policies to meet your needs.


A business general liability policy helps protect your business and employees from a risk of lawsuit from a wide variety of claims. For instance, bodily harm, property damage (owned or rented), reputational harm, advertising errors and medical costs. Potential claims may arise out of the simplest of business situations and it is important to protect your business in this highly litigious society.


Professional liability insurance and errors and omissions policies can protect your business from mistakes and unhappy clients filing a lawsuit claiming that you made a mistake while performing your professional services for them. Fortunately, you can protect your business from negligence claims with a professional liability policy.


Business interruption insurance, also know as business income insurance provides coverage to replace income lost when a business is unable to operate due to a covered property loss such as damage, from a fire, theft or wind damages.This insurance protects your business by enabling you to continue to pay expenses and payroll while your property is being repaired or replaced.


A business owners policy provides a simple way for your business to buy the basic broad ranging insurance policies that it needs.Business owners policies combine coverage for business property and business liability into one policy, giving you coverage for things line fire, theft and loss of income.Additional insurance can easily be added to a business owners policy to easily tailor it you your businesses specific needs.


Contractors equipment insurance helps to protects your businesses equipment from damage and theft by insuring equipment, small tools and even employee clothing in the event of damage or loss. Additionally, contractor’s equipment insurance provides coverage for the cleanup and removal of pollutants resulting from a covered loss. For example, if a piece of equipment breaks and leaks hydraulic fluid, this insurance will help to pay for the cleanup costs. Call Consolati Insurance to help protect your businesses equipment.